Ayre V3 VS. Krell KSA 100 S

I considering both of these models. Which one have people found to be the better unit. I currently use a Audible Illusions Modulus 3A as a preamp. I will probably be purchasing Maggies to go with one of these amps and i'm not interested in Bryston or Simm Moon. Thanks for the input!
I recommend the AYRE V3 without hesitation!!! 100 times more natural sounding and can drive the maggies beautifully, A no brainer!!! Good Luck
I too would add that the V3 is the better of the 2 choices. The whole Krell S series had a bit of hardness in the mods and highs that nothing con correct. Anyone notice how quickly the line was replaced by the new version? just make sure that you get a V3 with at least the first upgrade (not sure what power conditioning does that a good pwer cord cannot do). There are good prices on used V3s out there. just check with Ayre (serial numerber) about verifying the upgrades. Good luck!
Hello,I to have heard both amps the v3 is by far the better of the two.Infact the v3 in my mind has no competition under $5000.Also I have a fully updated united sonically that I'm geting ready to post.I'm looking to move up to the v1.Email back if interested.
This follow up is to Hiendmmoe: Thanks for the input. I would be interest in your V3. What would you be looking to sell it at? You can email me at: [email protected]
I do agree with responses above Ayre V3 Mk2 no competition under $ 5000 and the amp is selling for $ 3750 and you can get good deal..there is plenty used too...good luck