Ayre V3 voltage 110v to 220v

Can Ayre V3 power amp voltage convert from 110v to 220v thru internal jumper without change of transfer or voltage converter? Thanks
Hi Ken-

It's not possible to change the transformer. If you have any other questions regarding Ayre feel free to call us any time.

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Steve Silberman
Ayre Acoustics
303-442-7300 x233
Actually the very early V-3's had adjustable transformers. Later ones changed to a single-voltage transformer. It's easy to tell which one you have. Look at the Serial Number on the back of the unit it will begin with a "1", then a letter, and then 4 numbers. If second character is "K" or below, then the voltage is adjustable. If the second character is "L" or higher, then the voltage is not adjustable. If you have an adjustable voltage version, call Michael at 303-442-7300 x223 and he can fax instruction on changing the voltage. Choices are 100, 120, 220, 230, and 240 VAC.
Very helpful. Thanks Charles
Hi :) Do you guys know about voltage conversion on KX-R and MX-R / VX-R ? Also from 110v to 230v / 50hz ?

Thanks, Kjetil
Hi guys,

based on Charles's explanation ordered already Ayre V3 with "right" serial number which is on the way already from US to EU.
Unfortunately, neither Charles non Michael couldn't provide instruction about voltage conversion from 110v to 220v.
I will appreciate if same of you could help me!

Thank you.