ayre V1x or Rowland 10?

In search for new amp to replace my old Rowland m 2 I m considering JR 10 or Ayre. Any opinions which is the best? Anyone who can describe the difference? Is either a big step forward compared to the model 2?
the jrdg models 2 and 10 are very different from one another, as much so as is the 10 is from the ayre. i would not buy either the jrdg 10 or the ayre without extensive listening time in my system, absolutely without exception. after all, we're not talkin' a pound of chopped liver here. IMO, the 2 may better the 10. but then, you may judge the ayre best of all. i've listened to all these amps in systems other than my own. they're all of very high quality and very system dependent. more than is usually the case, trust no ears but your own. good hunting. -kelly
typo in the 2d sentence. the second "is" should be ignored. why do i never see these 'til after my post has been accepted? oh well, sorry.
My advice is go for tube equipments and it will change your audio life!!! Forget about any transistor equipments. They just don't worth your time.
Seeing as how the Rowland Model 10 is a replacement for the Model 2, it is unlikely that it would be a step down sonically (from the Model 2). The Model 10 employs Rowland's latest technology in power supply design (digital switch mode). The monoblock version of the Model 10 is the Model 12.