Ayre V-5xe Vs. Pass Labs x150.5

Both amps offer 150wpc and are solid state.
Pre-owned in good condition the asking prices are very similar.
Can anyone offer opinions based on sound and or build quality?
Thanks for your input.
I would expect the Ayre to sound more articulate and revealing, while the Pass Labs will sound fuller and more musical. Both amps are built very well.
The stage of the Pass Labs is deeper and wider. I compared Ayre and Pass laps amps for a period of 2 months. Pass Labs is superior in sound realism as well. But.....the 150.5 is the only amp I don't like of the .5 series. For this money the XA30.5 will be superior. Believe me it has enough control, even compared to the 150.5!
I also agree with the 30.5 choice.
Will the Pass Labs 30.5 be capable of adequately controlling the bass
response of an 85db eff speaker that is 6ohm nominal with low of 3.5ohms.
Specifically the Evolution Acoustics MMMicroones. Would the 60.5 or
X250.5 be a better option? Thanks!
I would go for a 250.5. Better in dynamics and speed compared to the 60.5. I owned them all.