Ayre V-5Xe vs Ayre V-1Xe

Can anyone comment on the differences between these two units in terms of sound? Is the V-1Xe quite a bit better?
I asked this question a while back, either here or on the Asylum, and received a great reply from someone who went from the V-3, V-5, and V-1Xe. He also mentioned that the transformer in the 5 is different than the 1. The bottom line was that each model progressed in sonic quality. Looking at the Ayre website information the V-1 has more output devices, is larger and weighs more, yet on paper it only puts out 50 watts more. I'm sure this is a classic case of the specs not telling the whole story.

With Ayre's monoblocks due in the near future I'm hoping to catch a V-1 from some loyal Ayre customer on the upgrade path.

The V6xe in two channel is better than the V5Xe because the V6X has 3 transformers (for six channel available)whereas the V5 as only one.
So on a V6 you can have one amp on one transformer - bass is better.

I don't know about the V1