Ayre v-5xe or parasound jc-1’s?

I see the v-5xes on a’gon for about $3k and the jc-1s for about $3.7k. Which would get and why? Plan to drive vandy quatros or 5s with them. thanks.

Joe in Mobile
I've owned both and I like the JC-1s better. They have more authority and drive and are warmer and just plain sound a lot better I thought. I'm sure that they have a lot more power has a lot to do with it. I love Ayre gear but the V5xe just didn't float my boat. The preamp I was using was the K1x so if anything you would think the V5xe would be at an advantage in regards to preamp matching.
Parasound Halo JC-1's.
Ejlif...just wondering if you were using balanced out preamp to balanced into the Ayre amp...
I don't know how my new Classe CAM 350 amps would compare to the Parasound JC-1 monos but I would recommend them as the Classe CAM 350 monos are very nice sounding amps for $3200.00 which is in your price range. I would be interested if anybody has a comparison.
I have seen several pairs come and go on audiogon before I jumped on mine.
I've also had both amps, and infinitely preferred the Ayre. Compared to the Ayre, the Parasound just sounded flat and uninteresting to me. I listened to it on multiple speakers. The Parasound I'm sure pushes out more bass, but to my ear that's the only advantage. The Ayre does soundstage, imaging, dynamics and detail really well, without becoming fatiguing. I just sold my v5xe for a pair of Classe Omegas, and the cost difference was big compared to the performance difference. Given that the Ayre can be a bit weak on bass, if you're using a Vandersteen 5 with it's powered woofers, you can adjust for that. I vote Ayre!!!
The Vandersteens with the Ayre V-5xe are wonderful! I've heard the Quatros, Quatro wood, and 5as with this amp and they sound great. If I ever own Vandersteens Ayre woud be the gear I would match it with. I owned the JC1s for a few years and they are good amps. But I think the only thing they have over the Ayre is the bass. With the built in subs on the Vandys this wont be an issue.