ayre v-5xe has consistant noise after warm up

My Ayre v-5xe amp makes a sound for a split second everytime after starting the amp. The sound comes from the amp at around 9 minutes after turning on and listening. It sounds like a smoke detector only not nearly as loud. The noise is noticable, but that's it, almost mechanical in nature. Has anyone dealt with this before. Michael at Ayre had no advise but to send it back, and even then there may not be a fix.
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Michael said that there may not be a fix??? Doesn't sound like Michael... I would send it to him anyway.
I agree. I can't imagine Ayre not being able to fix that. That said, can you list your system and any recent changes you made to it? Also, how long have you had the V5 and was it upgraded?
Michael said after paying shipping both ways, there may not be a fix anyway, so you can live with it,or they would look at it. I just bought the unit used and the previous owner just got it back from Ayre for a different problem, and was told by Michael that everything was checked out. I talked to Michael before I bought the unit, and again since I heard the problem.I could not get any idea what could be wrong from Michael which is why I came here. The seller from a different site was rather difficult.
Before sending it back to Ayre, try the amp in a different system to see if you can duplicate the problem, or at a minimum, try a different preamp. You need to trouble shoot your system first to make sure that the amp is the problem. Please remember, that any problems upstream get amplified by the Ayre.
Could it be a tube in your SF pre amp going microphonic?
Perhaps you can borrow a substitute preamp to confirm .
Also try a decent pair of shielded XLR interconnects .
The amp will make this noise sitting by itself, not hooked up to any other equipment or speakers.
Okay, the sound is coming from the amp and not through the speakers....that's not normal, send it back to Ayre. Did you try the amp on a diffeent ac circuit?
The noise right now is a nuisance. Michael's advise to live with it because there may not be a fix, and it still functions may be the best approach right now. My initial question is not being answered. Has anyone dealt with this? I find it hard to even explain, so a past experience would be helpful. I have a good tech,if I could get a better grip on what may be happening, except Michael says Ayre equipment always gets sent back to the factory because of there uniqueness.
My good friend's Ayre v-5xe is dead quiet and problem free. He has owned it for just over a year and uses it daily.
Well, maybe Brf jammed my thread enough, I won't get a relevant answer.
If Ayre has no idea as to your problem, I doubt that you will get any responses from Ayre owners with a similar problem.

Since you are obviously not looking for advice or suggestions as to what might be causing the problem, send it back to Ayre. You got your answer in the first post.
Since the amp will make this noise sitting by itself, I suggest you plug it into a different wall outlet (in a different room) and see what happens. Please also try a different power cord. Next, check to see what other appliances may be on in your home that might be interfering with the amplifier. If the amp still makes a noise, I suggest you send it back to Ayre for repairs. The Engineering Staff at Ayre should be able to repair this problem.
I'm starting to think that it was just a miscommunication between you and Ayre. I thought you were talking about a noise coming through the speakers, not the actual amp itself. I will say, though, that I've spoken to Michael myself a couple of times, and he does come across as a little odd. Nice, but still odd. Just to clarify, you turn the amp on and about 9 minutes later you hear a sound for a short time, and then it goes away? Aside from the sound, the amp works normally. I have 2 V-5's and don't have that problem.

Here's what you can do. Open the amp up and then turn it on. There's not a lot of clutter inside Ayre products. When you hear the sound, you should be able to locate it. It may take more than one try. Once you see where the sound is coming from, take a picture and email it to Ayre. Tell them where to look in the picture and see what they tell you.
I have seperate dedicated lines. I played the amp in one line, then another and then plugged into an Audience conditioner and I still get the noise.
Since you don’t want to send the amp back to Ayre, your only option left is open it up, muck around inside until you either electrocute yourself or bugger it up to the point that your ONLY option is to send it back to Ayre. BTW, a lot amps don’t like to be turned on without a load attached.
Something is vibrating in your amp. Use something non conductive like a wooden stick and try touching some caps and transformers to see if the noise changes or goes away. Once you find the reason then unplug the amp and try to work on reducing the noise.
Now I see how these "newbie" members like Testpilot get so many threads answered in such little time. He's a troll.

Well, maybe Brf jammed my thread enough, I won't get a relevant answer.

He only offered possible diagnostic solutions in a constructive manner and you dismiss him…nice

My initial question is not being answered. Has anyone dealt with this?

Again, other posters tried to offer help as to possible solutions/sources of problem, and they are dismissed.

So let’s be clear. You are NOT interested in trouble shooting the problem. You ONLY want to hear from other Ayre owners who have this same problem as you; a problem that even Ayre has never experienced before.

Good luck with that.
I would not say it would have to be an Ayre owner, but you are correct, I had already eliminated most of the tangibles on my own. I would like some past experience to run by my local tech, because I don't know what to tell him. I did get some constructive feedback from Audio Asylum. Also I'm testy from bouncing around on meds from an open heart surgery in August. My apologies.
I placed the amp on it's side as commuincated by mike of "Ayre Fame" and found the transformer needed tightened. In tightening the transformer the noise dissapated, until now, you hear nothing.