Ayre V-3 vs BAT VK-200 vs Classe' CA-200

Currently own the Ayre but I am interested in the other two or possibly the Class' CA-300. Any comments on these amps is appreciated.
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Keep the Ayre.....nothing will be satisfying long term like the Ayre. Many products have an initial zing that get you interested but the Ayre is the best SS amp on the planet. Keep it or you will regret it.
I would have to agree with goldmans statement. I beleive the Ayre is highly under rated...Best-Gary
I love my Classe CA200/201. I don't know that I would recommend switching from the Ayre though. Just thinking price/performance I would hold out until you want to swap into a higher amp than any of those options. Right now, all three of those amps are in the same class, they just are different. Tide yourself over with some of those upgrades they are raving about.
I did try the tweaks that Jont had mentioned. Dropping the ground on the Ayre V3 did make a huge differnce! Much greater soundstage. By the way if you speak with the folks at Ayre they also suggest that you do this. And most units that are older than 1996 also benifit from switcing the polarity.
JONT - my amp has had all of the upgrades except the "conditioner". What do you mean by "dropping the ground"?