Ayre V-1xe Upgrde - Great Care & Professionalism

I just upgraded my V-1x to a V-1xe and feel I have to write about the great attitude the guys at Ayre have.Great sounding equipment is of course important, but the quality and integrity of the company are also very impotant. The guys at Ayre were a pleasure to deal with - always responsive, available and helpfull. This is a company that cares about its customers,its poroducts and its reputation.

Sonically, the upgrade is a great improvement, making a great amplifier sound even better - clearer, more open and better in bass response. I would consider it a must and a bargain for V-1x owners. It is also good to know that they fully test the amplifier before returning it.I had a newer V-1xe to use while my 6 year old amp was being upgraded. When mine came back there was no difference in sound between the new one and mine.

Hope this helps anyone thinking about doing the upgrade.
VAC and Ayre might have the best best customer service out there. I just wish other high end companies would take notice (Krell VTL). These guys get it and when these other companies fail they need to look at how they treat there customers.
Charles Hansen and Co. are some of the best.
I posted this thread initially.

I just had my beloved K1xe checked and once again these guys proved to be the measure of professionalism, care, concern and class. May all audio companies be this conscientious.
Put Odyssey Audio on your list of the best customer service. IMHO, there is no better.
I am a happy Ayre owner as well.... Kudos to the Ayre team especially Michael Weidemeyer..(I doubt if I spelled his name correctly, but he knows who I'm talking about)
I will also vouch for Ayre's excellent customer service. Michael is super helpful. I especially like Ayre's upgrades wherein older units can be modified to current spec for a fraction of the price of a new unit. Seems like most companies would rather sell you a whole new model every couple of years. Having written that, I see that Ayre is on the verge of releasing a new integrated amp. This case of upgrade fever might cost me more!