Ayre V-1X a killer amp

I have on loan a Ayre v1x driving my main panel Audio artistry Dvorak speakers and its a outstanding amp! I was very conted with Rowland m 2 but the Ayre was in every respect an better amp w outstanding dynamics, huge soundstage and fantastic microdetail presentation and a "tubelike" musicality. It has lifted the AA Dvorak to true high end performance. Unfortunatly the natural competion in this price range Rowland 10 or 12 are not availibly here in Scandinavia. Whats your opinion on the Ayre? I use Muse 3 preamp. Recommendations for preamps?
The ayre is awesome. But stereophile did a review on the Levinson 334 and in that article they also reviewed the 335 agianst the ayre and said the levinson was better. good luck I own a 335
V1-x is no doubt a very good piece of equipment and I believe Ayre K1-x would form the best partner with it in terms of selecting the preamp. I can't say ML 335 is better than V1-x without knowing what pre-amp and speaker are in use. However, I would bet V1-x is in the upper wind when you look at the details, responsiveness and control. Boulder 1012 DAC Preamp is another very very good choice than K1-x if budget is not an issue. Good luck
KK Wong,

So you own a Boulder 1012? What do you parner this with and describe a bit about it?
the boulder 1012 is not yet shipping. it was supposed to ship in February but there have been some production problems with the anodizing of the case. there are 2 pre-production units that i've heard and they are truly spectacular. i'll quite likely purchase one. BTW, the msrp is $15k.