Ayre Turntable??

I hear that Ayre is going to provide the world with a turntable. I guess that the popularity of analog is ever increasing
The table is made by DPS in Germany. Ayre will distribute and build a power supply for the North American market.

It will still be called the DPS I believe.
DPS has been around in Germany for almost 10 years now as a company and Willi Bauer has been refining this table for even longer. It is loosely based on the Well Tempered and Pink Triangle tables that Willi used to sell in his Hifi store in the 80s and 90s.

There was a recent Stereophile blog that contained a some misleading information about the Ayre/DPS table. I initiated a longer thread on Vinylasylum where Charles Hansen of Ayre was so nice to explain some of the background story behind Ayre distributing the table and the making of the new powersupply:

Ayre DPS turntable - Comments by Hansen/Silberman

The DSP is an excellent table and has been mentioned in the Forums already a couple of times. There was even an excellent Review in the January Hifi+ magazine as well.