Ayre's new Minimum Phase filter

Has anyone heard Ayre's new CD players or its new DAC with the Minimum Phase filter or has anyone returned his or her C-5xe for upgrade with the new MP filter? If so, what do you think of the sound?
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Audiogon member "Theo" just got his back from Ayre with the new MP upgrade. He said it made a BIG difference. Maybe he can chime in, if he sees, this with the specifics.
I have left a message with Ayre regarding this MP upgrade to my C5XE on Wed. and still haven't heard anything back. Seems their customer service is not that great.
Dtsag, Ayre's customer service is considered to be among the top tier but the way to contact them for best results is by phone. %)
I think their new USB QB-9 DAC with MP filter is the most exciting new product of 2009, although I haven't heard it yet.
Anyone know what Ayre charges for the MP upgrade to the existing C-5xe?