Ayre QB-9 twenty vs Chord Hugo TT2

Has anyone had the chance to hear both these DACs? I recently bought an Ayre AX-7e and really like it. I am using it with a Chord Qutest, which sounds great but am itching to try a balanced DAC with the Ayre. If I get the Chord used I think they will be within $500 to $1000 of each other depending on what I have to pay for a QB-9. Thanks in advance for any opinions you might have.

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I do think OP would be well served by using balanced connections from a DAC to the A7e.  I've been using a Codex to my A7e with KEF LS50s.  The sound is excellent.  Sources are an Ayre C-5xeMP disc player and ultraRendu Roon endpoint.
A week ago there was a QB-9 DSD listed on the Canadian Mart for about $1200 USD.  If you decided on the Twenty upgrade, you'd be in at $2700 ($1200 + $1500).  I decided to buy a $99 Schiit Modi 3 to use while my Codex is being serviced -- it is a secondary setup after all, a QX-5 Twenty is my primary DAC and Roon endpoint.
I wasn't aiming to match the Codex, just aiming to provide interim DAC service.