Ayre preamps with Krell amps?

Anyone out there used or heard the Ayre preamps with the Krell amps? Thiel uses the K-5xe with a Krell FPB 700CX with good results. I was wondering if anyone else has heard these two together? Thanks for any help.
I am using my k5xe driving a FPB 300cx. So far so good. Sound is superb
I am using the K-1e with an FPB200, very pleased and believe me did I try Preamps...Pretty much all the Krell Pres, Calypso, ARC REF, Rowland Capri, BAT and finally ended up going with the Ayre. I love my resolution!!!
I used the Krell FPB 650M amps with the Ayre K-1XE preamp for several months. Very good together. When I was at Thiel a few weeks ago my wife and I listened for a couple hours to the Ayre K-5xe with the Krell evo 600 monoblocks and 3.7s. WOW!
Just to update I am now using a tubed preamp from Singlepower audio.