Ayre phono settings question

Need to set the cartridge load on the P-5xe for my moving coil. Two dip switches per channel let you do this. The manual says both "up" for 47kohm. How do you set the for 100 ohm? Is the dip labeled 100 in the up or down position? I assume the one labeled 1000 is set in the opposite position. I will probably call Ayre next week to confirm but would appreciate any advice from someone who owns or has owned the phono pre. Thanks.
I haven't owned the P-5xe, but looking at the manual I would feel certain that:

1)For a 100 ohm load you would set the "100" DIP switch down and the "1000" DIP switch up.

2)For a 1000 ohm load you would set the "100" DIP switch up and the "1000" DIP switch down.

As an FYI, if you were to set them both down you would most likely get 90.9 ohms (the parallel combination of 100 and 1000 ohms). Both up is 47K, of course, as you indicated.

Enjoy! Regards,
-- Al
I just spoke to Mike at Ayre the other day. He urged me to try 47K for any cartridge....He said every cartridge he's tried is better at 47k, but surely you have to hear it.