Ayre phono cable??

Hi all..soon I will be taking delivery of a new AYRE K-1xe preamp with built-in phono stage. I am currently using a ARC LS3 and Tom Evans the Groove which is RCA only inputs and outs. The Ayre has only XLR balanced inputs therefore I require a different cable. However I don't want to convert my SME V van den hul phono cable just yet because I want to try the TEAD Groove through the Ayre when it arrives. Therefore I require a XLR cable and was wondering if anyone had tried the Ayre tonearm cable which is made from Cardas cable I believe???
If you've been using the vdH Silver Hybrid, you have a big surprise in store if/when you switch to any of the following:

Silver Cable
Hovland MusicGroove 2
Purist Venustas
Cardas Golden Reference

and probably a couple others I left out.

I couldn't believe what I'd been missing before I got rid of that thing!

You're very lucky to have a balanced input phono preamp or stage. Cartridges are inherently balanced devices, and will transfer more (of their very small) current through a balanced phono cable.

All of the above cables can be ordered with balanced connectors.
I have to agree with nsgarch on swithing out the vdh cable. I've used Graham ic 50, Hovland Music groove and now a purist venustas. It's pretty startling.

I run XLR's on my phono cable into my BAT phono stage. It does make a positive difference...although I think this is very dependant on the phono stage design. Your Ayre likely will yield the same result.