Ayre MXRs/Thiel 3.7s

Hi everyone

My system is MacBook Pro/Lampizator Tubed Pre and DSD DAC/Ayre MXRs/Thiel 3.7s

Whilst I believe this to be a very good system, I just have a feeling that more tubes would make it sound better.

My Thiels are hard to drive and probably wouldn't match a valve power amp too well. So if I keep my Thiels, a hybrid power amp is probably the best path. Any ideas?

If I change my Thiels for a more valve friendly amp, I would need to find a speaker that my wife would give her blessing to. Something floor-standing, not too big and traditional with a nice mahogany finish. But if they were more efficient, it would give me more possibilities for lower power valve amps.

The underlying fact, of course, is that that the MXR/3.7 combo I already have is pretty bloody good!

Any ideas??

Same question as Stevecham. Why? MX-Rs are outstanding amps, capable of driving anything. I and others I know have them drving Wilsons, Rockports, etc. very revealing speakers and in some cases (Wilson) difficult loads with great effect. When auditioning components, I chose the MX-Rs paired with a Nagra PL-L over an all CJ system so I doubt you'll realize an improvement.
You already have a tremendously good system, stop stressing over gear. I bet you have not done proper room treatments, and THAT is where you will find the best sound quality...

Couldn't agree more with Rlwainwright. For a minimal investment you'll realize sonic gains beyond your expectations.
I agree with Rlwainwright and Lenny_zwik. I have experienced this first hand.
If you want to keep the Thiel, try audition new Carver tube amps. I have the Cherry 180 driving Usher BE20 no sweat. There's bigger brother Black Beauty 305. Price on these were dropped recently due to bought out Carver LLC