Ayre mx-r vs. Pass xa 60.5

Hi all

Did anyone compare Ayre mx-r with Pass xa.5 series and can share some thoughts ? I love my Pass amps but i'm lacking some bass control and speed. I don't have where to audition the ayre so I must lean on users' opinions here.
Thanks in advance to all repliers.
If your XA60.5 is properly matched to your speaker load, I can't imagine you lack bass control. Some have described the X.5 as faster than the XA.5.

My speakers are an extremely difficult load, so I decided to upgrade from the XA100.5 to the XA160.5. It made a noticeable difference.

I have only heard the MX-R in other systems and have not done a direct comparison with the Pass amps, so I can't really comment on the Ayre.
I've owned both the MXR and XA160.5 amps. Obviously both are very good amps. I cannot believe the Pass is having issues with bass and control. I would first look to your speakers and room treatments before discarding your Pass amps.

That being said, I prefer the Ayre amps because I thought it sounded more transparent and dynamic in my system but at this level its splitting hairs.
I agree with Tboooe completely. I can't imagine anything but bass node problems in that room....
I don't know if it's truly related to "bass control and speed," but I've seen a number of people (myself included) comment that the XA amps can be a little soft on bass. Like Peterayer, that can lead some people to prefer the X series over the XAs.

What kind of speakers do you have, and what kind of load do they present to the amps? That info might help guide people's responses here...
I have the Vivid audio G3 speaker which impedance is 6 ohm (4 minimal) and sensitivity 87 db.
It depends how much money you want to spend. I owned the 30.5, 60.5 and also the 100.5. There are two possibilities; you soend more money and go for the 100.5. Or you also can go for a 350.5 as well. I own now the X250.5. I love the control and drive. It is also a little bit more spatial in the high freq. The limitation of Ayre compared to Pass is that the stage is less deep and less wide. Also the Pass is better in sound realism. I tested a few Ayre amp in 2009. I Always test how wide and deep the stage is. I want to know the sound. It is very good in the high freq. But in 3D stage it is not as the best like Pass Labs. It is a lot less deep. You miss the musical mid freq. of the Pass.
Icorem, I would consider those speakers fairly inefficient. They are similar to my old Eggleston Rosa and the Pass Aleph 2 (100 watt, Class A) were not enough to drive them properly. I then bought the XA100.5 and they were better. When I changed speakers to my current 86 dB, 4 ohm load ones, I upgraded to the XA160.5 and they are much better.

Unfortunately, IMO, the XA 60.5 may not have enough power to drive your G3s. How big is your room and how loud do you listen?
Thanks so far guys,

Peter - I usually hear in moderate volume and my room is 20'X12'X9' so it's a medium sized space. Maybe i'll try to audition the 100.5.
I thought I would like XA more over X series. But I am not so sure anymore. I think I will update within 6 months to 350.0 or 600.5. Because the extra drive and speed in the low freq is that addictive. I still have a very overwhole warm sound. I owned the XP-20 for over 2 years of time. But with the Onkyo PR-SC5509 with my own way of Audyssey measurment it is superior. I have a bigger and deeper stage than what I had with the XP-20. The focus of instruments and voices is a lot sharper. I have more info/resolution in the high freq. I use Audyssey volume and eq to get more dynamic and more resolution. Wenn you go bakck to the XP-20 you hear the difference easy. I also have more drive and before the needle of the Pass amp starts to move needs more power. I can get more power out of the Pass amp than what was possible with the XP-20. Voices and instruments are also better palpable than with the XP-20. By using the right cables you can get easily a much higher level in dynamics and resolution out of the Pass Labs poweramps. It is that easy!