Ayre MX-R vs Lamm M2.2 Opinions

I'm in the market of upgrading to a high end amp and would interested to getting members opinions on comparing the Lamm M2.2 to the new Ayre monoblocks. Has anybody been able to do an A/B listening comparision or have experience with either?
Cvman, I auditioned the Ayre Mx-R monoblocks and found them ok, but somewhat "dry" to my ear's. If you go to past threads on this subject you will get more information and polite disagreements regarding the sonic virtues of the Ayre's.

So, out of this two amps I like the Lamm M2.2 better then the MX-R's, they for me were more musical and real sounding then the Ayre's.
You should also consider Cary CAD-500MB monos. I traded my Lamm M1.2 Reference monos for them. At 7000$ the Carys are a steal.
Not sure how anyone could call the Ayre Mono blocks dry...I have been listening to them since August...

I would second John's comments. My MXR's have been in my system for almost 2 months now and would never have called them dry, but especially now that they are fully broken in (the most significant impact of break-in occurred during the first 2 weeks, but they continued to improve through week 6 or so). In any event, its not what Teajay, Hikejohn or I think, but how they sound to you in your system that matters. At this price point your dealer should be able to let you demo them (and the Lamms) before you make any purchasing decision. Apparently the April Stereophile will have the MXRs featured on the cover and in a review by Wes.
IMHO, these two very good amps couldn't be more different. You got to do home trials in your system before deciding. All of our systems are widely different and sound different in our home environments. I've just gone through a month of doing trials on six mfgr's best amps and it's the best thing I've ever done. My personnal results were shockingly surprising to me. You will experience some tough choices, but they will fit your system.
Gerrym5, which amps did you compare against the MX-Rs, and what were the releative strengths/weakness of each?