Ayre MX-R Twenty upgrade

I just received my MX-R amps back from Ayre post upgrade. The upgrade is unbelievably apparent. With just a few hours of running the most noticeable improvements are in dynamics and bass. The soundstage has widened as well. I am finally hearing what Wilson X-2.2 bass is capable of. Associated equipment is Ayre KX-5 preamp, Ayre QB-9 DSD, and Shunyata Zitron cabling. I highly recommend the upgrade. It's really shocking how much more dynamic, clear, and powerful the sound is.
Outstanding. I really feel that Ayre now makes the best SS gear you can get. I have heard most of the Ayre line at Audio Connections in NJ on various speakers and they always get out their own way and give you what the engineer put down. That's why I got the Ayre AX7e for my Vandy Treo's. Thanks for sharing.
Congrats, Spear18.
I am a big fan too, having just got the entry level K-5xeMP. My dealer tells me the KX-5 Twenty is on the way and I can upgrade to that by just paying the difference. Seems Ayre works hard to retain customer loyalty.
Meanwhile, I am truly enjoying what the K-5xeMP brings to the table. You must be a very happy camper(camping at home listening to your new-found treasure). :)
Congrats. My dealers MXR's are in for a upgrade. I'll get to hear them before I send mine in...sounds like it's a very cool thing !
Thank you. Ayre's upgrade process is really fair to the customer- the difference in retail price between the old and new models. Ayre has provided excellent customer service over the years. Overall could not be happier with the upgrade and all of my Ayre equipment.
Anyone out there compared the AX-5 to the AX-5 Twenty?

I've heard the AX-5 and thought it was nearly as good as the original KX-R/MX-R. All of these upgrades make me agree re: "I really feel that Ayre now makes the best SS gear you can get."
I am seriously considering replacing my ARC Reference tube separates with an Integrated and an AX-5 Twenty is on my very short list along with Simaudio 600i and one from Pass perhaps. Need around 100w/ch to drive a pair of Verity Audio Parsifal Encore. Room is 16' x 25' x 8'.

I have very limited experience with SS as i have been with tube electronics for the past 30 years. Would still need a phono preamp but i could keep my Ref Phono2 with the likes of an AX-5. There are so many SOTA SS integrated nowadays.

If anyone can chime in on the performance of an AX5 i would appreciate.
Wow where to start? I was a tube guy since 1982 and Ayre made me switch. I've heard their whole product line other than a broken in AX5/20. Their ref 20 gear is at another level. It is the best of all worlds. Clean, detailed, inky black backgrounds, extended on both ends, tuneful, tight, no congestion ever, luscious and the list goes on. It's just real and fast. Honestly, I'd like to see them call it an AX-R/20 as I'm sure it will sound nearly as good as the ref gear just much less power. It's already so dynamic without ever being harsh. I've heard the ayre on various Wilsons, Vandersteen 7 down to my own Treo's to Focal to Rockports to Thiel 3.7 to Gallo to Paradigm sig 8 to Dynaudio to KEF Blade to Pro Ac and B&W. They are the first amps that just let you hear what the rest of your system is doing. Fast tuneful and quiet are words that come to mind easily.
I originally sent one of my MX-Rs in for replacement of an output device that was falsely triggering on overtemp and my dealer lent me his that were recently upgraded to Twenty status. My word what a tremendous difference. It's an entirely new presentation in terms of resolution, depth, soundstage width, pace, bass,.... After a week and a half of listening to them, I ordered the upgrade. Can't wait to get them.
Lenny, I totally agree. I wouldn't trade my AX5 Twenty's for the old ref gear you just upgraded. The Twenty series is as good as any amplification I've heard and for those asking, I've heard a ton of the higher priced gear. The reason is that it just gets things right. It checks off every box we audiophiles seem to keep track of. I spent the whole day yesterday in front of my system and I never once had the desire to stop. I have rarely done that. My dogs were very happy as they felt lazy yesterday too. After a few hours I also realized that my listening levels were MUCH lower than when I had the non Twenty amp in the system.

We all hear differently, but it's rare to find anyone who doesn't love the Ayre amps. Neither tube, nor solid state....They are true music producers. ( I was a full day of all my high rez digital music of every genre).
One of the best systems I've ever heard at my local shop was ayre MXR20 amps with the matching pre amp.. Speakers were aerial 20T. I couldn't stop listening.
As great as the MX and KX were, the Twenty's take it to a new level. That's what's amazing about this upgrade. It's not subtle by any means.
Love Ayre upgrade policy!!!
Thinking about it for VX-R amp
Which i love, love, love
Got my MX-Rs back today from being upgraded to MX-R Twenty. I'm a happy camper!
I recently got my VX-5 - now VX-5 Twenty - back from Ayre and am blown away by the increased control of bass and wonderful musicality. I can't imagine purchasing another amp...until of course I pick up the MX-R Twenty!
Funny how we all talk about the GREAT bass it now has. I also have noticed, with more and more break in, that the detail and sweetness on the top end is the best I've heard from any SS amp. The mids are just correct and with the inky blackness of the noise floor (call it a quiet floor), it makes these amps as good as anything I've heard on the market so far. Even dealers who carry other brands that are esoteric are saying the same thing. You know they are great when the dealers are using only these for their demos. ;)