Ayre, Meridian cd player purchase need help

Looking for advice from audiogoners in the know on what I might replace my Roksan with. I have tried MF5a,which I found seemed more open in my short test, however, seemed to chop the high end in comparison. I have also tried the Hartley best buy Cambridge 840c (that review is what started this quest)found a lovely top end but the lack of grunt in the mid lower registers. Brother in law's Meridian orig 508. It sounds very simular to my Roksan. Looking for a player that gives me a WOW. The Roksan did over my Adcom some years ago. Ayre, Meridian... ideas please
What are the rest of your components and what type of sound are you looking for? There are a lot of really great CDPs in a wide range of price points. Many of these have very different characteristics or classifications - warm, neutral, very detailed. What is your budget range (new or used)? There are so many threads on this topic that without narrowing it down you will just get inundated with all sorts of recommendations.