Ayre KX-R Preamp , Is it really that good?

Read great things about this preamp. What made you all choose the KX-R over all the rest?
Transparency , refinement , openness , trueness to music , phonetic rightness , and the ability to engage music without introducing electronic artifacts .
Many preamps can't keep there composure when playing difficult music at higher levels , the KX-R refuses to come unglued regardless of conditions .
I year ago when I purchased the Ayre , I felt I would eventually miss my beloved ARC tube preamp and it's warmth , so far I'm still wallowing in the KX-R's tricks and treats .
Synergy always plays a paramount roll in long term satisfaction . My music starts it's journey with an Ayre C5MP CD player than gets introduced to an ARC DAC8 , from there it's on to the ever pleasing KX-R , A levinson amp then adds solidity to the event . It may not be the perfect setup , but it's so good nothing else really matters when your being seduced by music that can only be described as magic .
Thanks Tmsorosk, have you ever seen any KX-R's selling on AudioGon?
A few times , prices are in the $12000 to $12500 range , used .