Ayre KX-R pre?

I am beginning to see ads for this new pre from Ayre. Does anyone actually own one or has anyone been to audition one? If so, what are your thoughts? It sure does look sweet!
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It's been backordered for months from day one. It's been out for about a month or so but good luck getting your hands on one anytime soon if you didn't preorder. The only somewhat detailed info really out there atm is here:


i had both KX-R and MX-R for a couple of hours on my setup and are indeed great machines. Were the most resolute material that I´d audiotioned past months. The MX-R are in the same league with my Accustic Arts AMP III. The MX-R is more detailed but somehow they seem a litle bit artificial when compared with AMP III. This one has definetly more bottom end and the instruments are not so tight positioned on the stage.

But I was more impressed with K-XR. Is one of the most beautifull pre that i´ve contact so far. It is a big difference to my preamp from accustic arts Pre-amp MK3. In the price too... 4x more! Has more detail, coherence and refinement. If you have the money go audition one on a store close by and see for yourself.

hopefully my pre arrives soon to match up with the MX-R
I ordered my KXR back at the end of November and was lucky enough to get it into my system just over a week ago. Right out of the box it sounded great (feeding my MXRs), much better than any other preamp I've ever had in my system.

The parts quality and attention to detail are just outstanding, as is the functionality. Aesthetically and operationally it is the most complete Ayre product yet offered IMO.

If you do a search at Audio Asylum over the past two months or so, Charlie Hansen had several entries explaining some of the functions, the reasons for them, and the intended benefits. In response to a question as to what was a bigger step forward (from the V-1xe to the MXR, or from the K-1xe to the KXR), Charlie stated that he believes the KXR is the bigger "jump". Once I have several hundred hours on the KXR, I should have a better sense of how far it has taken my system, but I have no misgivings whatsoever.

As to timing of delivery for new orders, you should probably just call the factory and get an estimate (303.442.7300 x223 for Michael). Good luck! - Pete -
I should have one to demo in the next couple of weeks; I'll post when I finish the evaluation.
Any new news on that pre amp ? thks
Thanks for calling me on this. No suspense, I bought the KX-R. Decay, transparency, bass control, soundstaging, etc.; there isn't a single aspect of the performance of my system that isn't improved by the KX-R so it was a rare "no-brainer" upgrade. It really is that rare product that isn't "SS" or "tube"; it's just effortless with exceptional clarity and sparkle but without giving up detail.

On a final note, a belated apology to the crew at Ayre, the KX-R does in fact look gorgeous.
Great. May I ask what you are upgrading from ? I have a K1xe and MXRs... Thanks
My earlier preamp was a Levinson 326S but when I picked up the KX-R I was running direct with no preamp (although I still had the 326S on hand to compare with the KX-R).