Ayre K1xe vs. Klyne 7LX3.5 and Phono preamps?

Happy Labor Day to you all!

I am on my final assault after years of the audio chase we all love and hate...
While I have a K1xe w/phome in my sights, I have always been curious how the Klyne 7LX3.5 plus their matching phono stage would fit in my system. I have had a K1xe in the past and am familiar with its sound....Can anyone compare and contrast the two? Or comment on how the Klyne might match the rest of my gear?

Thanks in advance for your time and input!
Art (budburma)

Oh yeah, the Gear!:

Dynaudio Confidence 3
Plinius SA-201
Dual CS 5000 w/Shure V15 type IV
Gabriel Gold Rapture R IC and SC's
Bmi Hammerhead Gold 3 and GG Revelation PC
Apple MiniiMac w/Amarra and Locus Cynosure USB (AMR as DAC)