Ayre K1,Lamm 1.1 match with Watt/Puppy 5.1?

Hi, I have a pair of WP 5.1 and want to get a pair of Lamm 1.1 for it. I am using Ayre K1 and JRDG model 5 balanced or Sonic Frontier Power 3 with the WP 5.1.
Your thoughts and recommendations on these and any other amps are much appreciated!
I own WP7's and the Lamm M1.1's are outstanding! Tube liquidity with all the slamm and control surrounded by an extreme soundstage!
Hi Cytocycle,
What preamp and front end you are using with the Lamm 1.1. Will they get very hot?
Check out my System.
I am running either a Tact or a Rowland Synergy IIi preamp running on batteries. The Lamms are Straight Class A biased and they do run very hot just like a big tube amp, but they are magical amps! (They were much better than both the Rowland 501's and the Rowland 201's that I tried at home, plus they were also leaps and bounds better than my ARC D400 MkII) The only thing close that I have heard is the VTL S400 and that amp just added a 2% more air on the top. My M1.1s are a special edition version however.
Thank you Cytocycle. Great system, nice color.
So you said the VTL S400 added more air on the top. how about hte rest of it? does it has the contorl of Lamm1.1 in the lower range? or should it give more liquidity to the mid and upper mid.
Because I had the sysnergy IIi before and found it is more smooth then the Ayre K1. I am trying to see what kind of sound I'll get with The Ayre K1
Thanks again!
Thanks.. the VTL S400 was paired with a Theta Gen VIII (this was providing more resolution than my Gamut) and it was cabled with 1 step up in transparent cabling(so about $20k more in cabling than my system, So the air could be related to the Transparent MM V speaker cables that were used) and it was hooked up to a setup Watch Dog Sub (unlike mine unsetup sub) That system did not have more mid/bass control or liquidity...

If you had a Synergy IIi you should here it running on battery power! Amazing smoothness!