ayre K-5xe anyone tried the mp upgrade

just wondering if anyone has had the mp upgrade performed on there k-5xe preamp, and could speak to the results. thanks
The MP upgrade relates to digital to analog conversion and is done to the disc players only, I believe. Let me know if I'm wrong.
Tomcy6, you are wrong. In the case of the Ayre pre, MP = Maximum Performance. In the case of the disc player, MP = Minimum Phase.
pinkus is correct, i will get this done , probably after the holidays, and will post the results.
Any info on results?
I did the upgrade and I recommend. I did it last year so I can't give you a detailed comparison but there was a significant improvement. Wider soundstage and more separation of instruments. It is not an expensive upgrade and it will take your performance up a notch or two.
still waiting, i got on the upgrade list in jan. and they wont be able to do it till may.
How much is it and do you know if they have one as well for the AX-7e ?
Over at audioasylum, Charles Hansen made it clear that this "MP" upgrade (not to be confused with the filter MP upgrades for the digital players) is *only* for the K-5. To my knowledge, the "e" upgrade is still current production for the AX-7.
after three and a half months on the list ive finally got it in. i hope to post happy results in a couple weeks.
Anyone know if there is also any MP upgrade for Ayre power amps Like V5xe?
Nope, no upgrade for V5xe as of now.

But given that the 1 series has recently been discontinued, it would seem reasonable that there will be a new 1 series at some point, or there will be upgrades that trickle down to the current 5 series
finally got it back from ayre, still to early for a complete review, but more detail,and better soundstage. returned with new badging, a new remote and power cord. honestly i dont remember mine looking this clean. it took awhile but i can already say it was worth the money, ive spent more on tweaks and got less bang for the buck. ill give it a couple of weeks of break in and give an update.
well a couple of week into it now, all i can say without getting into a boatload of reviewer adjectives, the mp upgrade is well worth it ! more of everything we like. im very happy with the outcome. if you were on the fence get off and do it. best $400. ive spent on my system .