Ayre K=3x preamp? Turntable suggestions?

I am demoing a K-3x preamp next week. Currently I have a Gamut D-200 amp in my system. Can anyone tell me about this preamp? Also, I am going to get a turntable setup. Any suggestions? I am new to vinyl. I probably will spend about $2k for a turntable/arm/cartridge/cable combo.

Thanks for any input you can give.

I am not sure if I can help specifically but there is one thing to listen to when it is all hooked up. Listen to a piano peice and see how long the notes last. I was at a dealer a week ago and they were comparing this and a tube pre-amp. It was very different. The customer liked the Ayre and I liked the tube.

This really suprised me since I own an Ayre power amp and really love it ( at least for now :) ).

I will be interested in seeing the responses to the TT question since I am also new to vinyl and looking.
I have found the new Sumiko Project RM-6 to be a great value in a turntable/arm combination for $ 1500.00. A Grado or Benz Micro cartridge can be added and the combo would be in your budget. Go to www.sumikoaudio.com for pictures and specs. The sound stock is very good but I have some tweaks that elevate the performance to $ 6,000.00 set ups I have used.
I have been using the K1xe Ayre preamp for many years..  I've never had a problem with it though I did upgrade it to the xe.  The support/service is exemplary.  After all this time it still competes with the current state of the art contenders.  Highly recommended.