Ayre K-3 vs Plinius CD-LAD

I wondered if anyone had experience of both of these pre-amps? I am currently using a Plinius CD-LAD that i'm looking to upgrade, potentially to an Ayre K-3. I mainly listen to Vinyl through a Dynavector XV-1s, a Kuzma Stabi S deck with a Whest Audio phone stage. My speakers are Active ATC's. Anyones thoughts would be greatly appreciated
I owned a CD-LAD years ago and think you can do much better. Have not heard the Ayre, but based upon reputation, I think it would be a significant improvement over the CD LAD. You may want to consider a tubed preamp as well... Aesthetix, CJ, Audio Research...
I had the CD-LAD for a few years and after I changed preamps did I realize it was one of the weaker links. I agree with Pdreher.
I agree with the two above, CDAD is not good. It has a very flat sound with no direct body. Bass seems very withdrawn, no good PRAT, control of deep down low isn't eiather good.
I used a Classe CP-47.5mk2 with my SA-102mk2 and SA-250mk4. That was sonic viagra with the SA amps. I guess, with the newer SA-103 it been very nice sonic results. I also tried CP-65 which sounded even better. It is a reason why Plinius ended the CDLAD. Plinius amps has a far too high background noice sadly. Atleast I couldn't stand it. The CP-65 is very very good IMO.
I tried the Ayre K1 not long ago, the sound seems very loud with volume is set to 7 o'clock (zero at 5.30am). Obviously the gain doesn't match.
Of the several preamp. I tried, I am most satisfied with Krell 202; but the KCT (old model) is more economically and they will match. Also, the Mark preamp. is also good match. I heard it from a dealer's set up.