Ayre introduces the AX-8 integrated amp

Ayre Acoustics introduces the brand new 8 Series Components. The 8 series will fit into their product range below the new 5 series, taking the place of the discontinued 9 and 7 series and the older 5 series products. The price range of the 8 series is planned to be between $2,500 - $8,000 US Retail.

The first two products which are showing in Munich are the AX-8 integrated amplifier (with digital inputs including streaming) and the QX-8 digital hub (also with streaming) and like all Ayre components, they will be hand-built in Boulder, CO.



Interested in what the price point of the AX-8 is going to be.

Not sure how I feel about the new casework.....  
Maybe I'll grow into it but I agree the case work on the AX-8 looks pretty weak.  I love the way my AX5/20 looks.
Agree.  It doesn't look like an $8K component, so I hope it isn't.  :)
I'm interested in the price as well,Ayre makes some very good sounding gear but the case on this looks kinda plain to say the least.

I would hope no higher then 5k.Time will tale.

I found this post on the Internet but its accuracy is unknown:

"The nearly identical-looking Ayre AX-8 integrated amplifier ($7,500) takes the QX-8 feature set and adds an all-in-one digital and amplification solution". 

I need better pictures of the Ayre AX-8 in order to comment on the case work.  It is possible we are seeing a very early case prototype.

I am hoping to get more information at the Los Angeles Audio Show. 

I believe there's also the QX-8 DAC, I have the literature from Ayre's Facebook page.  It has the double -diamond output stage, Ayrelock power supply, Equilock gain stage, and DSD upto 128.  So it's pretty fancy. I'd hate to think they'd price it around 8K though, hoping fror far less than that, but its looks to be a nice unit.
It's my understanding that the QX-8 is not using the same quality level components as the QX-5/20.  I suspect it will get priced somewhere between the Codex and QX-5/20.  I'm hoping $4-5k at the most.   
I love my Ayre gear. I would like to see higher power ratings on the integrated amplifiers. 
I am anxiously waiting for Ayre's official announcement for the Ayre AX-8 integrated amp/DAC.   I have some friends attending the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver and am hoping they can audition the Ayre AX-8 at the RMAF and report back to me.  Of course, I am hoping the Ayre AX-8 will be on display.