Ayre Integrated Amp vs. Ayre 5 Series Separates

I own the Ayre AX-7e Integrated Amp and a friend suggested I consider the Ayre K-5xe preamp and V-5xe power amp. I have the Ayre CX-7e CD player (using blaanced output) and ProAc 2.5 speakers. I like the Ayre integrated but more power might be useful. Has anyone switched from the Ayre Integrated Amp to the Ayre 5 Series separates? How does the Ayre Integrated compare to the Ayre 5 Series Separates? I plan on listening to the Ayre separates shortly but am interested in hearing your comments. Thanks.....
Yes. I had AX-7e and now use K-5xe + V-5xe (both are for sale as I try to finance a new home). The pre-power combo is MUCH MUCH better than the integrated which is nice but delivers approx. just 70% of the performance of the separates. If you modifiy both units the integrated falls back another 10%.
Just an observation my system is identical to yours albeit not e versions CX and AX7 but I do feel the 2.5's could easily benefit from more power.
I have Vandersteen Treo's, Empirical Audio OSDE/SE fully upgraded, a Steve Nugent build music server with SSD and Paul Hynes power supply with all high rez music, Basis TT with Benz Glider, Aesthetix Rhea phono.  All AQ balanced cables.  

I started out with the Ayre AX7e and liked it, but didn't love it.  I then upgraded to the AX5/Twenty and am blown away by the difference.  I am intimately familiar with the separates and they also a a tremendous upgrade over the 7.  In all honesty, I don't love the 7e.  It just doesn't jump for me and doesn't have the macro or micro dynamics that the other Ayre amps have in spades.  Again, the 7 is better than many of the other amps in it's price range.  I ran the 7 with my Proac Supertowers (with new drivers from the newer series with all new upgraded crossovers and special internal wiring) and it was a nice match, but again, not in the same league as the others.  Not sure if that helps or not.  Go listen
Thanks! for sharing- guys.