Ayre Evolution Upgrade???

Does anyone know details in regards to what upgrades are made in the new evolution series from Ayre? I have an Ayre AX-7 and wonder about the potential upgrade.
Check on Audio Asylum (in the amp/preamp catagory).
Charles Hansen has discussed this at length.

PS I plan on having my K-1X preamp upgraded at some point within the next year.
I called and asked the Ayre folks about this since I ordered a Cx-7 with "e" upgrade recently. I can't seem to remember all the details...I know they slowed the transport speed quite a bit, so it may be more durable? Anyway, if you call them, they're more than happy to tell you about it. Number and extension are on Ayre website.

Also, I know there is a follow-up review on the "e" player in the DEC 04 Stereophile mag, which (from what I hear) changes their recommendation from "B" category to "A" category. I'm trying to get my hands on this edition and will repost if I am able to read it.