Ayre DPS Bauer vs Artemis Labs

Both turntables have a striking similarity and I really like both of them although I'm not a big fan of acrylic platter... Has anyone made a comparison between both these TTs? I have a Schroeder tonearm so would this compliment better with the Artemis?
I've heard the DPS/Ayre turntable, first with an Ayre-modified RB-250 arm and the next year with DPS's own tonearm designed for the 'table. As good as the first combo was, the second with all DPS design was better, and an excellent $10-11K rig. I don't know why you're disinclined to an acrylic platter; the DPS/Ayre sounds fantastic, easily in a league with the 3x as expensive SME 30.

But given that you already have a Schroder arm and like it, and according to this review the Artemis was also designed by Mr. Schroder and has an aluminum platter machined to very close tolerances, I'd be inclined to go for the synergy of a single design philosophy (Schroder/Artemis). If I were to get a DPS turntable, I'd also get their arm.
To be clear, the DPS tonearm is a Schroeder tonearm. I have a DPS turntable with which I initially used the DPS (Schroeder) arm. I have subsequently upgraded to a Schroeder Reference arm.
While there is/was a Schröder 'DPS' model arm, it is not supplied as a stock arm with the Ayre DPS table to my knowledge, but rather, a newer design Bauer arm is. Hope this helps.
There is one big difference between these two turntables that would lead me to choose the Artemis, all other things being equal. The Artemis uses a kind of capstan to wrap the tape drive around the platter. This has a very important effect to greatly reduce belt creep, a major drawback of belt-drive. Also, tape drive is a good way to go. I am rather surprised that no one has mentioned it. I don't think Artemis has done a good job of "selling" this feature.

On the other hand, I think Artemis uses DC motor and DPS uses AC synchronous. For much more uncertain reasons, I prefer AC.
Thanks for the comments. Just gotten a DPS 2 but not the Ayre PS.

05-12-12: Shsohis
Thanks for the comments. Just gotten a DPS 2 but not the Ayre PS.
Why not? The speed consistency and its attendant pace, rhythm, etc. are part of what impressed me so much about the DPS/Ayre setup.

Maybe you auditioned without and the Ayre unit didn't justify the price?
IME, a good AC power supply is a major upgrade for any AC synchronous motor-driven belt-drive. Save your shekels and eventually buy the Ayre PS, is my advice. You will appreciate it even more, having gotten accustomed to the sound of your tt without it.
I would like to get the Ayre PS but I don't think that my current DPS2 PS can be traded in for it - Different distributors...

BTW, after having the DPS, I now know how good the Nottingham Hyperspace is now. Yes, the DPS is better but you wouldn't notice the difference if you don't AB both.
Add a good motor controller to the Hyperspace, and you will also experience a major epiphany. I used a Walker Audio MC on mine and was quite surprised and amazed at what it does; I had been very skeptical prior to hearing the difference in my own system.