Ayre CX7e win Hydra 2

Hi anyone used the cdp with hydra 2, which PC would be good match for cdp connect to hydra and hydra to well. Pls advise thks.
It would be a good match. My suggestion is to use shunyata power cables as well. The hydra works GREAT with Suunyata Power cables. There are quite a few here on 'gon. I would try to not go below the Taipan model, if your budget can swing it. I would also suggest some isolation under the hydra (vibrapods and vibrapoints are pretty inexpensive and do a decent job).
Thks Cerrot , btw which power cable u recommend for cdp
Go as high as you can afford. Hopefully, you can go for at least the Taipans (Vx). If you can swing the Pythons, go for it.
I have been very happy with the Audience powerChord on my CX-7e (mind you I'm using a PS Audio Power Plant and not a Shunyata Hydra as my power conditioner). I previously used the bottom-of-the-line Shunyata Venom cable and it didn't do the job - it bloated the midbass in my system, in addition to a less "clear" sound through the entire spectrum.

I'm sure the better Shunyata power cables are another thing entirely, but I haven't heard them.