Ayre CX7e vs Linn Majik cdps

I saw from the other auction site, two good deals, Ayre and Linn came to me as good buy. I've been thinking long time about Ayre as my Plinius+ Spendor combo is a bit laid back, but i don't like sound too lean, and tight bass is a must as well, I read some rave review about Majik, and heard amd liked my friend's Genki long time ago. Any thoughts on these two cdps?
Thanks very much
I had a Linn Ikemi and liked it very much and sold it to buy an Ayre C5xe and recently added the MP upgrade. I realize these are two differnt models but I can tell you the Ayre is better sounding than the Linn and not by a small margin. I have heard the Ayre 7 with the MP but not the Majik. I will add that service from Ayre is awesome. Add to that Linn has decided to quit making CD players so future re-sale marketability may be a concern.
Thanks for the tips, though in what area that Ayre is better Linn? I heard Ayre has more forward presentation, i suppose better detail as well. Linn is famous for their analogue like sound, is there area that Linn beats Ayre? Does Ayre sound lean compare to Linn?
I have been experimenting with DAC recently and really impressed by NOS technology, I love the organic timbre, and realistic soundstage and clarity(for me that's musical), yet I'm pretty picky about both top and bottom end, I can't stand ill defined or boomy bass.
BTW is mp upgrade makes palpable different? the one I saw was CX7e without mp upgrade.
I have felt that the Ayre not only has a more analog presentation, but the information has a "natural" sound.
I really can't dig up any memory of the Linn out performing the Ayre in any area. I guess the one thing that I miss about the Ikemi,and it is not sound related, is the disc drawer. Linn has the smoothest quietest drawer I have ever heard.
But as far as performance the Ayre just has a more natural sound as the music was meant to be heard. The "MP" upgrade at a cost of 250.00 is an investment that I can't fathom not pursueing. It takes a great player and brings it to a whole new level. The detail is presented in a non-analytical manner and the extensions high to lows are where they should be. I hear more of the music and I don't mean that I hear things I didn't hear before but the music is well just more natural, less digitally fatiquing than I have always experienced. I compare it to a world class painting in the absolute perfect light, there aren't more colors, there aren't more details, it just is presented for maximum enjoyment.
As far a DAC I would say that is another can of worms that you could approach should you grow tired of the Ayre's in box DACs.