ayre cx-7e vs densen b-400 plus cd players

i am asking for feedback on the comparison between
these two cd players. i am using arc pre-amp, bryston amp
and wilson sophia speakers. any other suggestions would
be appreciated.
i am using the Densen B400 plus - and I do love it very, very much!!! In my opinion it is one of the very best CD-players in its price range. I have not heard the Ayre, but I am interested in the comparison too.
ayre CX7E. I'm wau=iting for the ayre CX10DP4.5i to come out, then I'm buying.
I am waiting for Ayre's SE9Di4.5 to come out then I'm buying. DEnon will have a C-800Xe model soon as well. And how about Sony's 19000DDDeeIS1.1 model
Happy Listening
Bart....Yep, those player you mentioned, I'm looking at all of those as well, although I'm leaning toward the Sony 19000 due to its liquid midrange and light, airy treble.
Hey Sammie those letters and numbers impress you too :-)
What will they think of next. Luckily you and I have been around and have seen it all before.
Jadis builds something and its good for yrs. Sure they offera few MK2's, but the differences are minimial. At least the do not come up with these oddball letters and number thing.
SE, 9000, 2.2, EI, XLT, 3XT. Its gotten kinda silly wouldn't you agree.