Ayre CX-7e or Meridian G-08?

I am looking for a new CD player that is under $3k and has balanced outputs. It will be paired with a BAT VK-3ix pre-amp, BAT VK-200 power amp and Gallo Ref 3 speakers. Which of the above two CD players would be your choice, and why? I am also open to other suggestions. Thanks for any helpful information.

Both very good players. I have not a new the G-08 for under or at $3k. Most on this website would advise the Ayre, and you can probably get it for less money. It, as usual, probably depends on how it works in your system. If 3k is a firm limit then buy the ayre.
I just purchased the Ayre CX-7e CD player to go with my Ayre AX-7e Integrated amp. Breakin time is 100+ hours so thge unit is still cooking. It does sound very good with my ProAC 2.5 speakers. I sold my Meridian 508.24 (upgraded 508.20) and am liking the Ayre very much. I suggest you consdier the Ayre CX-7e.