Ayre CX-7e or Aging Krell CDP + Benchmark DAC-1?

I know the best advice is to listen and decide for myself but I would appreciate if anybody can let me know which route would you take if given a choice. The Benchmark DAC-1 may not be the best choice although I have read contrasting views on this piece. Nevertheless, I would expect the Benchmark DAC to be an improvement over the Krell KPS-30i CDP which is more than 10 years old now. Given the advancement in digital technology throughout these years, I think I am missing out something.

The real question is, which would be a better option -a one piece Ayre CX-7e or the addition of a DAC to my existing CDP acting as a transport? Which would you choose if it was you?

Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.
I suspect it will be a close call. Some like the clinical clarity and resolution of the DAC1. Some don't. I suspect a lot will depend on whether you already like the rest of your system (especially the speakers) or not.
Thanks for the reply Shadorne. I like my current speakers. I would like to add a little bit of clarity, resolution and refinement to the mix and I believe the Benchmark may be the key. I have read good things about the Ayre CX-7e as well so I'm trying to decide between the two.
Cambridge audio 840C for $1599 from audi advisor (returnable). Check it out and read the reviews...you may be happy you did:)
Not sure about this one... but leaning toward listening to Pat Metheny on the Ayre CX-7e.

My reference is based on listening to all Ayre gear with Vandersteens. Clarity and resolution with good refinement.
We all want to believe in somehting...something special that only occurs with certain components under certain circumstances. This is commendable and a worthy goal! Don't overlook a bargain however, where you can find it. Especially when it's risk free:)