Ayre Cx-7e issue

I was reading somewhere that an owner was having a problem with the Ayre reading some of his discs. After several go rounds with Ayre if I remember correctly the problem still persisted. I have a Cx-7e and it seems to have the same problem. On discs under 55-60 minutes all is well. On discs over this threshold the machine will stutter, open the drawer and then turn itself off. If this happened on a CD with 12 tracks and it happens on 11 if I go back and manually put in track 12 it will play, but if I go to 10 then 11 will reject? This occurs on several discs and I assume is not disc related. Very strange, any ideas what might be the problem? Anyone else having similar problems? or where the thread with the person who did have a similar problem might be found. Thank you
Call Ayre.
Call Ayre and ask for Mike.
As suggested above, please call Ayre at 1.303.442.7300, extension #223. Most likely, you will have to return the CX-7e for repairs. I had similar problems several years ago and they installed a new transport in the CD player. You should also ask them about the MP upgrade (if not already done).
I had my transport replaced by Ayre about a month or two ago because of a similar problem. Only reading every other disk.

They turned it around in about 2 weeks time and I have not had another problem since. Sounds great. They are now using a new transport that is far more reliable than the old one, but it does need a software change to make it work properly, so you have to send it in to them.

Definitely worthwhile.
Thanks; sounds like I need to give Ayre a call. Glad I kept my Cary as a backup.

PTM, how much did they charge for the replacement?