ayre cx-7cd player

Has anyone heard this player? What would you comapre it to and how would you describe its sound if it has one.
Just listened to it a day ago, in an all ayre/bw802 system. First I would like to mention the build quality which is the same level as the other ayre stuff-great! solid feet high quality connections etc. This quality beats most 5 grand cdp's on the market. Only one thing to mention against potentially is that it is a cd rom drive with a white tray like in your computer. Not a sonic negative but I don't know and did not ask if some cd's wont play on it because of copy wright protection. The sound is in the 4grand plus league period. Naim cdx, Meridian588, Linn Ikemi would all be other sonic options. It just sets a standard that is so good at 3grand that I think it is now silly to look at the Arcams,Mirantz,rega,cheaper naim players in the 2500.00 range. I am looking to match one with a Placette passive remote volume control, McIntosh 2102 tube amp,merlin vsm-m speakers.
Would be interested in anyone's comparisons with the Wadia 301 and the new Cary players.
And the Gamut, which is another at the hot $3K price point.
how do you think it would match with Musical fidelity electronics and audio physic tempos? I either want to buy a new player or a dac for my changer. How does an upsampling player differ than an upsampling dac with an older changer?
Any new listening updates to the Ayre cx-7cd player? Since this is a brand new design, does it make sense to delay a purchase for 6-8 months? Thanks..
I have this player in my posession on loan from a dealer. I listened to it last night for about an hour, so take this for what its worth.
This is a very nice player, extremely smooth and musical. Its light in the bottom end and lacks air and depth compared to my Cary 306/200. With the Cary the music has more texture, depth and feel. Now these players have a difference in $$$, so keep this in mind, the Cary retails for about another 1500.00. I had a Cary 303/200, and with what I can recall the Ayre would give the 303 a good run. The Ayre is probably smoother than the 303 and maybe even a little more musical. I know the Cary 303 would have more low end. The Cary 303/200 is a great player and both of the Cary's are better made than the Ayre. The Ayre is nice looking, but the buttons are cheap feeling and whom so ever thought up the hyrogliphics on them must have been way stoned.... they dont make much sense. The cd drawn is cheap, flimsy plastic, the Cary is machined aluminum, I know they dont do that much, but still, build quality counts.
The mids and highs that the Ayre reproduces are very nice, voices are reproduced beautifully. That is easily the strong suit of this player. I wish I could hear a Gamut compared to these players, but that not a option in my area.
Dont get me wrong the Ayre is a nice player, in fact so is the integrated, they would make a great set that I would be very happy with. They just dont happen to be better than what I currently own.(Cary sli80/306/200) Of course thats my HO.
Thanks for the info on the Ayre cdp. Your comments clarified a few issues I was pondering over ie build quality, transport and bass response. I think I'll go with the Cary 303/200 instead of the Ayre. Has anybody else compared the 303 and the AX-7?

See my review.