I am looking to upgrade my CD player and wish to spend $5000.00-$7500.00. Has anybody heard the Resolution Opus 21 modified by Great Northern Sound or perhaps the Ayre C-5XE? Any comments regarding the two mentioned or anything else that might be worthwhile in my price range?
Thank you.
I've got the RA Opus modded by GNSC, and am very pleased. Wish I could hear the Ayre as well, out of curiosity, as it has been very well spoken of. I'm interested , too.
The Ayre will give you SACD and DVD-A, if those are of interest.
All I can add here is that as a owner of the C5xe, I couldn't be happier. Every disc I play reveals something I never noticed before and the tonal presentation is incredible.
Can't comment on the Resolution Audio, but own the Ayre. It is a superb piece of gear.
See my review of the modded GNSC Opus 21

The threads on the cx5 are excellent. I'm wondering if all you guys have balanced systems and if I could expect similar results using its single ended outputs.
I have used my C-5xe in both configurations. I like the balanced connection EVER so slightly better. I would not let that be a determining factor.