Ayre Codex vs. Lampizator Amber II

I am using the Ayre Codex as a stand-alone dac in my 2 channel system right now, and it sounds great.  I am now interested in the Lampizator Amber II dac and wondering how both dacs compare in terms of sound quality.  Has anyone ever heard of both dacs?  Thanks.
 @drew_k Thanks so much - that opens up a world of possibilities for that fine unit.
@tomic601 With the digital out, it does make the Sony a compelling option as the DAP, especially with prices used hovering around $1,100.  The hard drive is easily replaced with a solid state version, if desired.  It sounds pretty good without a separate DAC, but the Lampizator has kicked it up a notch (especially with headphones).
The New Lampizator Amber-3  is noticably better still the the
Amber-2.   They took a year to upgrade with new Venus engine.
a bunch trickle down technologies to their flagship Pacific .
i just ordered one for just under $3k delivered who cares about 
measurements it sounds very Natural undigital for sure.
Vacuum tubes for the most part will never measure as good
As solid state  but when it distorts much more smooth even harmonics .when solid state distorts Odd etched harmonics.
IMO the best sounding dac besides Lamizaders $4500 dac 
under $6k .i have owned PS audio latest flagship dac ,Schitt Yaggs, Brooklyn dac Aurender, very detailed 
 maybe more so but it does not pull you in like a real  instrument !!
just check it out then make your own decision. Everyone  has 
certain things they  find important .
Still no answer to the OP's original question??????
I was at Audioconnection a week ago and Johnny had an Aurender connected to the Codex (after running the Bluesound Node with the Codex).
In short, I was amazed at how much cleaner the sound (esp. Bass), was.
I contacted Aurender to find if I can hook up two of their units and play them synced (like Bluesound), they said there will be a new unit for sale soon, as well as software. Though it seems it will be limited to only 2 systems, according to the website.-Which is good enough for me.
I am still messing around with The Memory Player Mini, which I need to have Sam sort out.
In short, if things go well, I may have an interesting shoot out coming up.