Ayre Codex vs. Lampizator Amber II

I am using the Ayre Codex as a stand-alone dac in my 2 channel system right now, and it sounds great.  I am now interested in the Lampizator Amber II dac and wondering how both dacs compare in terms of sound quality.  Has anyone ever heard of both dacs?  Thanks.
Any comments on Lampizator Amber II dac are also welcome.  Thanks.
I own the Lampizator Amber Mk 2, which I consider an exceptionally good DAC. Unfortunately I haven't heard the Ayre Codex, and can't offer a comparison. 

I reviewed it last year for another forum (read it here: https://www.avforums.co.za/index.php?topic=61239.0)

My summary comments were:

"In my opinion, it is true to timbre in the way a very good multibit DAC can be (reminding me of both the Theta and the Audiomat here); with vocals, it conveys a kind of essential quality, bringing forth richness and depth rather than thinning out voices in a way I’ve heard with some DACs; the soundstage is generous but not overblown, and possessing of a realistic sense of depth; its bass won’t make Mike Moffat blush, but rather it’s a case of everything in its right place. The low end is ample to the point I've dispensed with a sub altogether! But none of this matters, if the music doesn’t flow, and this is the Amber Mk2’s greatest strength: it allows the music to impress rather than trying to be the fifth Beatle."
Looks like the Lampizator Amber II ($2,000) replaces the Level 3 ($3500) and 4 ($4850) units.  That's impressive!  I am surprised that there are no other owners out there commenting on this dac.
I also own the Amber II. It is tube rectified.  I am currently having the super-clocks installed.  Hope to have it back this week.  This is a very nice DAC, no complaints.  I have own the Exogal Comet, PWDII, Auralic Vega and the Amber is my favorite.  Much more musical.  I also am going to try the SR Blue fuse once I do some listening for a few weeks. 
i have an Amber II and the considerably more expensive Aesthetix Pandora Sig with a brace of very nice tubes....the Lampi gets very close and like the Pandora errs on the side of musicality.. An incredible value....no doubt...

what did that run $$$$ if you dont mind me asking
did the DAC have to go to Poland for the mod or ?????