Ayre Codex or Bryston

Hey all,

My system has gone through many changes lately, mostly in the effort to simplify the setup.
This is a nearfield setup on a desk.

I replaced my PMC speakers and W4S amp with Genelec monitors (not as good, but they do the job), and also listen with HD700's.

My source is PC -> Bryston BDA-2 -> Bryston BHA-1.

The BDA-2 to BHA-1 is XLR, as well as outputs to the monitors.

I was thinking of selling the 2 Bryston boxes and replacing with the compact Ayre Codex, which has all the features I need: DAC, Pre-amp, Headphone amp. Another option is the Mytek Brooklyn.

Thoughts ?
The Ayre Codex is great. Get it; then add a USB NIC to your computer, bridge the LAN ports, add a SOtM sMS-200 Ultra and tX-USB Ultra and prepare to be amazed. Take it to another level by adding a modded switch and master reference clock.
Thanks @limniscate. Do you know how it is compared to the Bryston combo I already have?

For USB, I'm using "just" a iFi iUSB + iPurifier.. your suggestions look more higher end
The DAC is less important in my opinion than the source. It sounds like you want the Codex for functionality.

If you want a cheaper option, get the SOtM sMS-200. It's about $450 new.
The DAC is less important in my opinion than the source. It sounds like you want the Codex for functionality.
True, but I am still interested to know the comparison.
I have the same functionality with the Bryston, but if I get comparable results, with less boxes (and money left over from selling), then its worth it
I briefly had a Bryston BDA-2 but didn't compare it to the Codex. I remember I couldn't tell an appreciable difference between it and whatever DAC (probably a Schiit Bifrost Multibit or first generation ODAC) I was using at the time though.

+1 Ayre Codex DAC:  The sound quality of my Codex DAC is excellent and I suggest you give it listen. I currently use my Codex DAC as a DAC and its sound quality is excellent.  I also experimented using the Codex DAC as a pre-amp with great results.

I suggest you audition the Ayre Codex DAC.    

I have not compared the two products you mention, but I own a Codex and adore it as part of all-Ayre stack.  
I'm another that hasn't compared the Codex to the Bryston although I have heard many good things about Bryston. I have a Bluesound Node 2 connected to a Codex with a Wireworld superNova 7 glass optical. Yes, I said optical as in toslink and the combo kicks butt on my Cambridge 851-C cd player. Imagine that, a streamer beating a cd player. Using balanced outs on the Codex and the sound is truly superb. IMHO.
I would contact Johnny Rutan (audioconnection), as he introduced me to the Codex (which I love and own 2). I am pretty sure he knows about Bryston  and can give you the best answer to your question.