Ayre Codex (former) Owners, what did you move on to?

The Ayre Codex DAC was and still is a very good DAC and owners of Ayre equipment tend to be loyal to the brand. If you have owned the Codex, what DAC or streamer/DAC did you move on to that was was an upward move? If you still own the Codex but compared it to other popular DACs but found them to be at best a sideways move, I'd like to hear from you too. I have owned my Codex for about 5 years and have not had the burning desire to change.  The Codex has been around for a while and I am just curious what others have moved up to even if it's another Ayre digital product.
i still have mine, among several other dacs

to me, you need to move into the above $2000 price class of dacs to surpass the excellent sound the codex delivers, particularly through its balanced connections - not to mention the additional value as an outstanding headphone amp
I got tired of how wonky the Codex is but am also not a giant believer in spending $5K for a DAC.  I'm using a Border Patrol DAC and a Chord Qutest both of which I like.  I actually put the Chord Hugo in my system and A/B'd with the Ayre which led to my decision to dump the Codex.  Went with the Qutest because a) didn't need the headphone out on the Hugo and b) got a great deal from someone in my local audio group.
Exogal Comet +  It's a completely different sound, at least in my system. Warmer, a little laid back. Actually the Codex was a little fatiguing to my ear.
Thanks for the responses so far. I should add that I am running my MacBook Pro via a Curious USB cable to an Uptone IsoRegen reclocker using the Uptone LPS-1 power supply and then into the Codex.  I found it to give the Codex a smoother, cleaner, clearer sound especially evident on female vocals.
I will be going to Aesthetix Pandor the Codex very good dac even better when I upgraded the power cord to Audioquest Thunder it's hard for me to let go of the Codex sense I make the Codex Cradle 

Enjoy the Music 
Still have my Codex. Agree about the wonky control button. I moved onto a Holo Springs ladder DAC.
I have a Ayre Codex and like it's sound. Thinking about trying a Denefrips Pontus ll. Want to see if a R2R dac is worth the hype.
I upgraded to the QB-9 Twenty.
 The upgrade was too inexpensive to pass by.
I compared the QB-9 DSD to the Codex and kept the QB-9. The older DAC sounded more refined and articulate. I feel it would be a worthy upgrade and these days you can find them on the used market at very reasonable prices.

Having said that, I've since sold the QB-9 and use a Benchmark DAC3 as my primary source.
I moved up to an Ayre QX5/20 that was offered at a great price used here on AudioGon.   A definite improvement.  
I was using my MacBook and Codex to play HiRez music never sounded right The Bluesound Vault was more musical now steaming with Aurender N10 once I switch out the Codex for the Pandora it will be sublime
The codex is amazing with headphones, but as a DAC I went with a Mytek instead.
I had a QB-9 in my headphone system. It was fantastic for its time. I upgraded it to QB-9 20… now an excellent contemporary DAC. If you enjoyed the CODEX then buying a contemporary Ayer DAC is a good move. 
The Ayre QB-9 Twenty outclasses the Codex easily, but remember it has only USB input, unlike the Codex which has USB, and optical.-That little change forced me to change my steamer from Bluesound to Innuos-though it was for the better.

Good point. I would not recommend a USB only DAC and thr QB-9 is. They make great DACs that use AES and other normal inputs. 
I am currently using both inputs to the Codex, the USB and optical. It would be good to have multiple inputs and not just USB.
Yes, you want the option. Depending on your source you want to choose:  USB (which re-times the bitstream) and SP/DIF, AES (that don’t re-time the bit stream)… optical is normally avoided as typically it is inferior to the others.