Ayre Codex and Output Transformer

I have an Ayre Codex connected to my amp via RCA.  I think everyone (even Ayre) agrees that using the XLR outputs from the DAC would be the best sound.  However, I only have RCA connections....  I read in an old (2016) thread a suggestion of using a Jensen Output Transformer.  

What would I do?  Go from XLR outs on the Codex to the transformer and then from there RCA to my amp?  And would that really preserve the better sound that comes from the balanced XLR outs?  

Any information about this would be appreciated!

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@tvad, what is the benefit of the flying ground wire?

I have been using the Jensen Isomax units for years and they work well. Very transparent and wide bandwidth. However, before buying you should contact Jensen (or read the online manual for the product) to determine which unit would be best for your needs as they make several versions. Where you need to place the unit and cable lengths make a difference.
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Thanks for all the responses.  Sorry I didn't reply - not getting notifications for some reason.  

This is what I received back from Ayre:

"Just use RCA in this case until you’re able to upgrade your amp to balanced. The Ayre sends everything truly balanced, but a lot of even so-called “balanced” amps take the signal and just convert it to single-ended internally to save on parts. It’s not the right way to do it and eliminates pretty much all of the advantages of having a balanced system in place. Adding any converters really just puts something else in the signal path and you’ll lose more than you could potentially gain."