Ayre C5xe Owners w/MP Upgrade-digital out problem?

I recentley received my C5xe back from Ayre with the new MP upgrade. It sounds incredible and I would not reverse it for anything. But I also use it to record to my cd recorder. Tonight for the first time since I received it back, I tried to make a cd and I get no digital signal from the Ayre. I have tried a number of things to make sure but all my tests point to not Digital output from the Ayre. So any one that has had this MP upgrade have you noticed if the Digital output is disconnected on your machine? I have checked all dip switch settings and just do not get any signal. Would appreciate any feedback from anyone that might know if this is part of the upgrade or should I plan to send it back? I have also e/mailed my dealer but he is closed on friday.
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Dude, you need to quit buying all of this real expensive high-end gear that just doesn't work or breaks :-)

Call Ayre this morning and talk to them. You could even drive it over there if you have to.
Well I pulled up the new manual for the C5xeMP last night and have confirmed that I do have a problem. I will wait for the dealer to handle it. I have already told him that I will drive it over and hopefully they can do it while I wait. I am not sure what I can do to overcome the withdrawels if I have to leave it. You know Brad, maybe I should just stay away from products that start with "A". And I was hoping to buy Avalon someday....
But I am glad that it is a problem and not normal with the MP upgrade. Although I can't imagine adding a DAC behind this thing. It would have to be one hell of a DAC!
Just talked with Ayre tech support and problem is solved.
Over the phone the Tech was patient with me while I did the step by step solution. I have to add that this is the second time I have dealt with Ayre since I bought this player and I will tell anyone considering Ayre products that they second to none. Quick easy solutions and always
courteous and patient. Some companies want to make you feel dumb but this is a company that realizes we are listeners and not engineers. And also Rick at Audio Alternative.com was already on top of it on his day off.
I beleive that these economic times will weed out those that don't adopt this level of customer service, I will do business with these companies for a long long time.
So what is the problem? Disconnected internal wire?
No I just had to re-boot the player. It had a brain fart and once I re-booted the digital re connected. The guy from Ayre walked me through it over the phone.
interesting. I recently tried the digital output from my C5xe for the first time and it did not work. My dealer who is very capable could not solve the problem. However, after the player came back with the MP upgrade, everything is fine.

The new DAC is indeed phenomenal. However, I can't say it bests the DAC in my Boulder 1012. Both are exceptional. Not sure which one I prefer yet. I'm sure both of them need some burning in as they are new.

Though I've not listened to any Boulder equipment, from what I read (no flaming plz) Boulder makes outstanding equipment. The 1012 sells for $19k new and $9500 used.

So, if you're writing that the Ayre DAC may be as good as the DAC in your 1012, I think that is quite a compliment for a single box CDP that costs $6800 new and about $4k used.

Granted, the Ayre is only a CDP and the Boulder is a preamp/DAC combo. But, the Boulder Reference single box CDP costs $24k new and $14k used.

Unfortunately, I can't justify the $4k for a CDP. So, the Ayre cx-7xe is on my radar. Then off to Ayre for the $200 upgrade.