Ayre C-5xeMP Owners - remote swap? and tips

Anyone interested in swapping out an older (4 bolt on face) remote for the newer backlit multi-function remote?

I just got this player with a New from Ayre remote control (dealer replaced it) and realize I prefer the old school remote. Mike at Ayre has confirmed to me that these are backward/forward compatible (but thinks it odd I would want the older one!). I'm told this backlit remote was an upgrade option for a while. Trade would be for a pristine condition '4 bolt' remote only. I posted a listing for this also.

And...any tips on footers, pcords, hi-fi fuses for a C-5 newbee?


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I have had mine for quite some time and have heard no read decernable differnce whether it is on Ayre Cuboids, Vibrapods, AQ Feet, Black Racing Cones or just a wooden shelf. I think the Ayre is built so well that isolation devices bring any real change to it's performance.
To address your remote question, I would like to see the new style remote. Mine is still in the box as I use a universal remote. I had ordered a Pioneer remote that worked to gain a few functions that were not on the orginal remote. I had seen your ad but haven't taked the time to investigate the other style. My only caviate is when and IF I ever sell the C5 would the original remote be a stumbling block for the buyer. I will get back to you should I see a benefit