Ayre C-5xeMP Owners - remote swap? and tips

Anyone interested in swapping out an older (4 bolt on face) remote for the newer backlit multi-function remote?

I just got this player with a New from Ayre remote control (dealer replaced it) and realize I prefer the old school remote. Mike at Ayre has confirmed to me that these are backward/forward compatible (but thinks it odd I would want the older one!). I'm told this backlit remote was an upgrade option for a while. Trade would be for a pristine condition '4 bolt' remote only. I posted a listing for this also.

And...any tips on footers, pcords, hi-fi fuses for a C-5 newbee?

Mine is on Herbies Tenderfeet over a Zoethecus Z-slab that I had left over from a Zoethecus rack I used to own. I use a Hi-Fi Tuning fuse (original model) and shielded PCOCC Furutech power cord. I have the original remote. The player sounds great with the best bass I have heard from digital.
I took the top off my C5MP and could not find any fuses. Iv'e tried this unit on many types of isolation and found carbon fiber platforms the best sounding overall with the least anomalies.
I tried squishy, balls, cones, cork, etc feet on my CX-7eMP and the best I found was the Ayre wood blocks. They just present a tone that the others didn;t have. Of course, the C5 may react differently.

I also am using a Kaplan cord on mine. The little bit of added warmth from this cord is welcome.
Thanks much for the suggestions. Seems the only fuse is the external mains fuse (below ac plug). I'll order a hi-fi fuse for that. Carbon fiber has worked for me in the past. Have many BDR products (I know some aren't actually CF) that I can try underneath and also Symposium rollerblocks that were very good under my last player - but unfortunately wont fit under this player due to where I have it. Years ago peeps went crazy for the rollerblocks claiming huge improvements - me included. But haven't read that anyone's using them under their Ayre C-5. I will have to find a way to make room to experiment with them.
I have had mine for quite some time and have heard no read decernable differnce whether it is on Ayre Cuboids, Vibrapods, AQ Feet, Black Racing Cones or just a wooden shelf. I think the Ayre is built so well that isolation devices bring any real change to it's performance.
To address your remote question, I would like to see the new style remote. Mine is still in the box as I use a universal remote. I had ordered a Pioneer remote that worked to gain a few functions that were not on the orginal remote. I had seen your ad but haven't taked the time to investigate the other style. My only caviate is when and IF I ever sell the C5 would the original remote be a stumbling block for the buyer. I will get back to you should I see a benefit
Theo, Thanks for opinion on the footers - I've heard that comment before, but seems I tend to hear things that others debate.

I just posted a few pics of the remote in my ad. From there you can see that it is the factory remote for the newer MP models - so can't imagine having this when you sell could be a negative. Think I would be the one stuck in that situation - IF I ever sell.

Since you have one that's not seen regular use, and mine is new - seems a good match. Let me know if interested.

Aj-f75, yours has an external mains fuse under the AC plug? My C5exMP does not. Is your's an older C5 model with the upgrade?
T, that's very strange. I would call Mike at Ayre if you really have no mains fuse protection anywhere - seems hard to believe. Mine is not an upgrade and it does have the fuse holder built into the ac port (I believe the 'official' way of telling an upgraded player is that they have an E as the last digit of the serial number on rear). I also just noticed that Furutech sells an upgraded version of this fuse holding port - have to stop looking at this stuff...it doesnt end.