Ayre C-5xe vs. BelCanto PL-1A vs DV-50S..

has anybody ever compared these units? Comments are highly appreciated.
Well not directly but here's my story. I own a Linn Ikemi and I compared it to the DV50S and felt on redbook the differnces were neglegible if that. I fell in favor of the Ikemi and still have it. The other day I was able to A-B with the Ayre and the Ikemi and no question there. The Ayre was much more detailed and precise in the music. Things like the plucking of the pick on guitars, the echoing rings of the piano notes. Just a much improved sound field. I am waiting till the funds are there but I will more than likely be listing my Ikemi here and buying the Ayre. As far as the Bel Canto I haven't had the pleasure yet. No dealers in the area. One last note I have met the guys from Ayre and they arereally super people and the dealer tells me they are great at customer relations.
I have tried all 3...same for me too Ayre is a really impressive. Bel Canto is good but a bit somewhat dry...neutral but not in an involving way. Note Ayre is 2 channel only and no video if that matters to u. The other two are muti and have video. For video only Bel Canto's PL1 is better than PL1-A
Thanks for your input. I currently lean towards the C-5xe or the Bel Canto as I´ve heard that the Bel Canto has better picture and is more refined than the DV-50 S. The only thing I don´t like with the Ayre: it lacks DVD capability..
I´ve just bought a new DV-50 S after living quite comfortable with an Audio Aero Capitole MK II. Choosed the Esoteric for its great ability to be modifyed. I´ve once heard a heavily modified DV-50S in a friends system which easily blew away my AA the Wadia 861SE and the Linn CD 12.
I´ve heard the PL-1 A and I must say not musical at all although very high resolution and a bit lean and mean. C-5xe I´ve heard meanwhile - stunning but no DVD-Video and not that easy to mod - I´ve been told..
MY TIP: get a cheap DV-50 S spent US $ 1.500,00 on mods and you´ll have a unit that easily outperforms UX-1 and C-5xe.