Ayre C-5xe vs. Ayre D-1xe

Hi. Can anybody comment on the sonic differences of these two players ? I´ve just scaled down my system from GNSC modded Wadia 581 going directly into a modded Ayre V-1xe and I´m now in the market for either C-5xe or D-1xe to be used with an Ayon Spark tube integrated and all Shunyata Research cabelling.

Furthermore I´ve learned that Ayre is cutting off their european distribution net work - is the company going to close ?

Thanks for any usefull input.

They are both really good players but my vote goes to the C5xe. It sounds warmer without what that normally implies. To me, the D1xe sounds a touch sterile. The C5xe is one of the better players out there period. It offers about as good a sound as you are going to get without going into crazy money.
Thanks for your input. I´ve just added one to my system. Very nice unit - not at the same level as my previous owned Wadia 581 with GNSC Ref. Level modifications but a steal at its price.
"Furthermore I´ve learned that Ayre is cutting off their european distribution net work - is the company going to close?"

Um, not exactly.

It's true that we've parted ways with our previous distributor in Germany, Active Audio. (They also serviced Austria and Switzerland.) We will be working with a new distributor for Germany in 2007, but in the meantime Active Audio is still providing service for their existing customers. (If for some reason you need additional help, you can always contact the factory directly.)

We also have excellent distributors in England, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway as well as Russia and many other Eastern European countries.

As far as Ayre itself is concerned, our business was up by over 40% last year. There is no danger of us closing, but thanks for your concern!
Charles - thanks for the info. Hope you made a good choice regarding the new german distributor. I would know an excellent one who is servicing Boulder, ModWright, Acoustic Zen and a few others.

Nevertheless I´ve just bought a set of C-5xe, V-5xe and K-1xe to complement my all Ayon Audio tube system.

Can't lose with either one! I have had both for some time but am sticking with the D-1xe as I have a HT setup and simply can't keep the C-5xe for SACD playback only. On Redbook the two are very very close. Friends that come by and here both are pretty much split 50-50 in preference. In my listening area the D-1xe does seem to exhude slightly (very slightly) more detail. The dac difference between the two players may have as much to do with their subtle sounding Redbook differences as anything. I do find that on the majority of the Concert DVD's that I watch with the D-1xe, I am not going through the surround sound processor but listening to the PCM stero mix through the pre-amp! At used pricing I am not sure there is anything else out there in this price arena, ($4,500 - $5,000) that will significantly outperform either of these players.